EXCLUSIVE Lyric Video Premiere for ‘I Got It’ by Two Story Road

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In honor of releasing their first official EP today, country duo Two Story Road is giving Stage Right Secrets the EXCLUSIVE premiere of their new lyric video for ‘I Got It’.

“Of all the songs that were pitched to us for this EP, we fell in love with ‘I Got It‘ after only hearing a verse & chorus. Even though the demo was recorded as a solo female song, we knew it’d be perfect for us,” Brandon and Jamelle commented. “In addition to the melody being really catchy, the lyrics were so beautiful that we were instantly taken by it.”

The pair teamed up with producer extraordinaire Mark Bright (Carried Underwood, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts) to fully capture the kind of music they wanted to deliver to their fans. Make sure you go pick up your copy of Two Story Road on Apple Music today!