EXCLUSIVE: Freja The Dragon Interview

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Swedish songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Freja Drakenberg (aka Freja The Dragon) released her debut single “Tell Me I’m Wrong” last month. The track was co-produced by Peter Bjorn and John’s Björn Yttling (Neko CaseLykke LiChrissie Hynde) and was recorded between INGRID studios and the legendary Atlantis studio in Stockholm. The song gives us a glimpse of what Drakenberg has to offer as a musician. We spoke with her about her new music and upcoming ventures.


Q: Your debut single is out, congrats! Walk us through what went into creating the song.

A: Thank You! Well the song sort of just poured out very fast. I was dealing with a friendship that was a bit complicated, and wrote a song about it to deal with it. I brought the song to Bjorn Yttling whom I work with, we made some changes and then it took about 1 year til we figured out the production.

Q: Can we expect a music video? What would you like to see in it?

A: Not planning a video for this song but I imagine something heartbreaking taking place in a an urban environment at night.

Q: As cliche as it sounds we have to know, why did you choose the stage name Freja The Dragon?

A: I wanted to release music under an alter ego but still keep it a bit personal. My surname is Drakenberg which in english means Dragon Mountain. My first name is Freja so therefore Freja The Dragon felt natural.

Q: Was there a specific moment when you knew you wanted to make music your full time job/passion?

A: Not a specific moment, but I’ve always been dreaming about it since I started practicing music, when I was maybe 14 I started to put a lot of time and effort to make it happen.

Q: You play a number of instruments, how did picking them all come about? Do you have a personal favorite?  

A: I’m a very restless person, so I ended up trying out several instruments through the years instead of focusing to getting really good at a specific one. I also love variation, so it fits me perfect to tour as a multi-musician and it gives me the opportunity to get better at the instruments I know and sometimes even learn some new. Don’t know if I have any favourite, but I love to sing and play an instrument at the same time.

Q: Starting off as an audio engineer, do you think that changed your perspective on recording the song?

A: I wouldn’t call myself an audio engineer but it often goes hand in hand being a producer today. My knowledge about audio engineering is definitely helping me as a producer, but what actually helped us finish this song was to forget about all the rules and try something that just felt right and sounded cool.

Q: What music are you currently listening to now?

A: Jade Bird, Lèon, Karen Dalton.

Q: What can we expect from you this year?

A: More music! Two more singles and an EP to begin with

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