Exclusive: First Musical Memory with LJ

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The stunning LJ, just released her second single, “Suit Yourself”. The Texan singer/songwriter shared with us an exclusive quote on her first musical memory.

“My earliest musical memories had me in my oldest sister’s Honda Civic with the Dixie Chicks blasting and me singing my heart out in the back seat. I always loved when I got to listen to music with both of my older sisters because they were always introducing me to new music. When I look back, those are the moments I knew I was falling in love with music.

I grew up in a family that enjoyed music. When I was little, I would sing just loud enough for myself to hear it. Then I started gaining confidence because I was able to keep up with songs on the radio. In 6th grade, I performed “Santa Baby” at the Christmas Talent Show, which opened the door to me joining the school choir. I learned guitar when I was 13. My dad showed me a few chords and I taught myself the rest playing in my room.”