Exclusive Q&A with Big Cheese

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What is the story behind your latest single?
We didn’t sit down to write our second single, Filthy Rich, about a particular brainless buffoon in the white house, although it may sound that way. It’s the internal dialogue of some filthy rich guy who thinks he’s king of the world because he wears the biggest suit. Sure, it may seem like we’re taking a swipe at the impotent rat in the oval office, but we didn’t set out to do that. We just sat down to write a song about some totally oblivious rich idiot who hides behind money and validation from others. If it fits the political landscape, that was an accident.

When did you realize music was your calling?
You know, some people may think there was a definitive, ‘eureka’-type moment, but I think everyone in our band has had a deep appreciation for music and wanted to play music at a young age. For me (Justin), my appreciation started before my memories could exist in my tiny brain when my parents would play music in the house. And the rest, they say, is history.

How would you best describe your sound?
It’s tough to describe exactly what makes each band sound the way they do. We call our sound Grunge Wave and to me, it’s a mix of indy and pop elements with the rawness of what you might expect of grunge.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
A sore neck.

Who are your dream collaborators?
I think it would really cool to collaborate with Broken Social Scene, since they foster a very collaborative musical environment and I would love to see our band contribute to that.

Is there a possibility to perform your new music live?
More than a possibility, it is our reality.

What are some albums that really shaped you as an artist?
Obviously, the Nirvana catalogue had a major influence on our music from our first and second records, but our third record has influences from Broken Social Scene’s You Forgot It In People, Hole’s Live Through This, and X’s Wild Gift.

What are some of your contenders for best song of 2019?
“Truck Yeah” by Gavin DeGraw?! Did that even come out this year? I hope so, because it’s great.