Exclusive: A Quick Catch Up with Ashley Brinton

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She just took over our Instagram and we may have only interviewed Miss Ashley Brinton a few months ago but the pop princess has undergone a complete revival. It was only natural we had to catch up and chat on it all.

Hey girl! Pleasure to chat with you again. How have you been?

 AB: “I’ve been so good! I have a lot of new and exciting stuff going on.” 

 So tell us what’s new musically?

AB: “I’ve been spending a lot of time developing my sound and style. I have a new song called “Say The Word” that comes out this Friday… today! It totally represents my new vibe and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.” 


What’s the story behind “Say The Word”?

AB: “”Say The Word” is about enjoying the beginning stages of a relationship rather than rushing into it. Young love is sometimes so passionate and fast that we forget to stop and enjoy how it starts. It’s one of my favorite songs I have recorded and I think it’s going to really speak to my generation.” 


The song is rather bold and dare we say sexy. Will more upcoming releases follow the same vibe?

AB: “Definitely! As I have gotten older I have grown as a person. My music is developing in the same way I am and has been heading in a new direction.  In the few years I have become more independent and it is definitely visible in my music.” 


when I’m in another city…shhhh

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Is there a possibility of a tour on the horizon or even just some live performances?

AB: “Ya, I just performed at YouTube and it was one of my favorite memories of the summer. I had some amazing dancers and we put a really cool performance together. I hope to be able and show it to my fans in the near future so keep an eye out!” 


I remember hearing you’re a very big fan of tea and jolly ranchers. Both pretty good for your vocal cords. Do you have any pre performance rituals?

AB: “I always drink earl grey tea with creamer and honey before I sing. And of course I still have jolly ranchers when I get ready too!”


Let’s say we chat again in six months, what do you hope to achieve?

AB: “Wow that’s a loaded question! Well to start, I hope that my single “Say The Word” resonates with my fans and does really well. I also want to do some more live performances and continue to record some bangers. “


wish J was in LA with meee

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And lastly, how are your adorable golden doodles doing?

AB: “They are better than ever, I’m obsessed with them. Jojo and Healy and living La Vida Loca!”