EXCLUSIVE: Trolls Star Kyla Carter on New Series

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Broadway babe and star in Dreamworks Trolls franchise, Kyla Carter talks to us about the brand new series TrollsTopia for Hulu and Peacock.

What is your character CJ in TrollsTopia like?
I was so excited to learn that CJ Suki was created based on some of my own features, like freckles and blue eyes. She is a pop singer, a spunky firecracker, and loves her Aunt DJ!

Were you a fan of the franchise?
I was a huge fan of the franchise, and loved recording for Trolls the Beat Goes On. I was so excited when I found out that CJ Suki would be continuing on in the new Hulu/Peacock series Trollstopia.

What is it like working for Hulu/Peacock?
This is my first experience working with Hulu and Peacock, and I am so excited to see CJ Suki on these amazing networks! However, working for DreamWorks Animation the last four years has been a DREAM JOB with a DREAM TEAM of amazing creative directors.

What was your 5-year experience on Broadway like?
Working on Broadway for the past five years was a whirlwind of experiences and emotions. I’m so thankful that I got to play Gretel, Marta, and Brigitta on the Broadway National Tour of Sound of Music. As part of the original cast, I performed over 500 shows, visited over 50 cities and 26 states without missing one day of work or school on the road! The past two years I had the opportunity to play Susan Waverly in the Broadway National Tour of Irving Berlin’s, White Christmas. It is amazing to visit a new city every week, and perform for audiences of 5,000 people!

Do you have a dream role on Broadway?
I have multiple dream roles on Broadway, there are too many to count! However, some of my favorite Broadway roles that I would love to play are: Glinda in Wicked, Zoe in Dear Evan Hansen, and Eurydice in HadesTown.

Would you ever want to release your own original music?
I love songwriting and have been actively writing songs to be produced for about a year. I am so proud and excited to be releasing my first single in 2021!

When did you start songwriting?
I have a song journal and have been writing song lyrics and melodies in it for the last 9 years of my life! I recently decided to release all of these ideas I have been collecting since 5 years old!

How do you balance school and your career?
ORGANIZATION and SCHEDULING is key! My life is planned to the minute daily. Planning time for school, work, training, and even down time, keeps me focused and successful in every area of my life.