Em Beihold Is A “Numb Little Bug” In Debut Single

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TikTok may have heard it first, but now the song is officially out to the world! Newcomer Em Beihold releases her highly anticipated debut single “Numb Little Bug” today.

The snippet of the quirky and pensive pop anthem posted by Beihold earlier this month on TikTok had quickly generated a staggering 1.5 million views and 317K likes.

Numb Little Bug” illuminates the idiosyncrasies of Beihold’s signature style. Piano glimmers before her buoyant verses bounce over a sparse, bass-y beat. Perfecting her piano-driven approach with all of the musical quirks and nuances intact, Em’s spirited delivery glides over handclaps and heavenly harmonies as she asks, “Do you ever get a little bit tired of life, like you’re not really happy, but you don’t want to die, like a numb little bug that’s gotta survive?”

“I was struggling with some heavy anxiety and I was on antidepressants,” Beihold shared about the creative process. “With ‘Groundhog Day,’ all of my dreams were coming true. Everything I wanted was happening, but somehow I didn’t feel anything. I felt numb. Songs weren’t really coming to me the way they used to. The antidepressants sucked the soul and energy out of me a little bit. I wrote ‘Numb Little Bug’ about the feeling. I try to write happy sing along pop about sad topics. I go for the lyrics or chords you wouldn’t necessarily expect.  Music is my therapy. It’s very cathartic. I’m usually able to make sense of anything going on in my life and get over it through writing.”

The new single follows the independently-released “Groundhog Day,” which cracked the Spotify Viral 50 in the U.S. last year.



Born and raised in Los Angeles of half-Persian descent, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and All-American fencing champion, Em Beihold sprinkles sunny melodies over sadness, sowing the seeds for pensive and powerful pop. She turns moments of anxiety, doubt, and all the uncertainties of growing up into relatable and vital anthems.  At just 6 years old, Em began piano lessons, learning classical and jazz. Simultaneously, she obsessed over favorite artists such as Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Queen, Norah Jones, and Kate Nash. At her very first gig in 2016, director Michelle Schumacher enlisted Em to contribute a song to her film I’m Not Here starring Academy® Award winner J.K. Simmons. The songstress penned “Not Who We Were” for the movie, and it also adorned her independent debut EP, Infrared, a year later. In between, she attended UC San Diego where she drove the Fencing team to “its best finish in the NCAA National Fencing Championship since 2008,” according to the Burbank Leader. Last year, Em independently released her song “Groundhog Day” which lit up social media with 20 million views.





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