Earth Day Playlist

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Today marks the 50th annual Earth Day celebration, and we have crafted up the perfect playlist for your daily walk, to soak in your natural surroundings a little extra today. From country classics to fresh new pop songs, we’ve got you covered to celebrate Earth Day today and every day.

“Ocean” – Rachel Reinert
Rachel hit the nail on the head with this song, complementing the theme of her new album, Into The Blue. The songstress goes through the motions of falling in love, slowly then all at once, like the waves in the ocean.

“Paradise” – John Prine
John was one of the most powerful songwriters and captured his deep love for nature and life with this classic.

“Alaska” – Maggie Rogers
The song that initially jumpstarted Maggie’s career is still stuck in our heads, especially today, on Earth Day. Maggie’s soulful voice and candid lyrics make us melt every time.

“Saving for a Rainy Night” – Walker Montgomery
Walker’s new single gives us all of the feels. His country twang and sultry lyrics are undeniably good.

“Oh What a World” – Kacey Musgraves
Would it even be an Earth Day playlist without this song? Kacey perfectly captures the Earth Day message in this song-filled to the brim with an appreciation for the world and those in it.

“Holy Water” – We The Kingdom
We The Kingdom brings a fresh perspective with their music, and the group embodies passion for the greater good.

“Here Comes the Sun” – The Beatles
This classic fits the message of today to a tee, there will always be brighter days ahead.

“River” – Leon Bridges
Leon perfectly marries imagery of love and nature with this song.