Exclusive: Indie Singer-Songwriter Drew Pulliam Recalls the “Little Things” in Brand New Music Video

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With the release of his debut EP, 16 Going on 60, tomorrow, Drew Pulliam is officially cementing his place as the next indie artist to watch. Already on a rapid rise with over 11.7K monthly listeners on Spotify alone, the Arkansas native is winning over listeners with his smooth vocals, catchy melodies and lyrics that create storylines well beyond his experiences. We’re thrilled to be sharing the exclusive first look at his brand new music video for one of the EP’s latest singles “Little Things.” We spoke with Drew about the inspiration, shooting the video and more. Read on below and check out the “Little Things” music video now. 

Directed by Marcel Chagnon and shot in his hometown’s local Forum Theater, the video’s simple visuals allow the song to soar, almost as if you’re enjoying a private concert. “The inspiration for “Little Things” comes from trying to help good friends who just don’t want to help themselves,” Drew shared. As indicated by the EP title, the young artist — now 18 years old — is creating music that appeals to a wide audience which means the inspiration is often found secondhand. “Coming from a large family, I’ve heard stories about the frustrations that these situations can cause,” he adds. His large family has proved to be an integral part of his early success, however, they aren’t afraid to keep him humble. “We shot my very first two music videos ever — ”16 Going On 60” and “Little Things” — on Thanksgiving weekend, and having a large family of 5 brothers and sisters, they all dropped by the shoot at some point,” Drew said. “I really enjoyed hanging out and goofing off with them on set, even though they just made fun of me the whole time.” 

“Little Things,” which Drew penned himself, provides an irresistible, piano-driven melody that is guaranteed to be stuck in your head for days. It’s just one of the two brand new tracks on the EP alongside “January” which offers a bittersweet tale of growing up. Rounding out the 6-track project are the introspective title track, “16 Going On 60,” “2007,” “Sweet Alyssa” and the powerful ballad “Fight Our All.”

When asked how he’s feeling about his debut project, Drew is doing his best to take it all in. “It feels great,” he says of the release. “I’m pretty nervous, but very excited. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and to finally get to do it feels surreal. Big thanks to Steve Azar for helping and guiding me throughout this process!” As for what’s next? “More music in the works! I’ve already got my studio work done on my next EP.” But fans will have to be patient as he predicts the release to be “late this year or early 2024.” Luckily, 16 Going on 60, which is officially available tomorrow, will more than hold us over in the interim. Be sure to pre-save the EP now and keep up with Drew on his Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and his official website for all the latest news.