Do Good Feature: Do Something!

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What better way to start our Do Good Feature than with Do Something? As a teen or young adult, it often feels like everyone is always saying “you’re too young for that” but what if we weren’t too young?

There is a place where we can do something and we can make a difference, and a large one at that! is a site dedicated to youth, it is for people aged 13-25 years old. The website has campaigns, scholarships, grants, petitions, and encouraging quotes. The ideas are based around things that are inexpensive and no parental help needed! Some of the popular topics are bullying, animal cruelty, homelessness, and cancer. So do it, go online and make a difference!


Their latest campaign is with Aeropostale Teens For Jeans.  I had no idea that 1.5 MILLION teens and children are homeless! Each pair of jeans is given to a homeless teen around your area!

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