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DEMI Album Review

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Demi Lovato is certainly not a normal twenty year old.  With her senior record now streaming to the fans the feedback has been almost all positive.  Rightfully entitled DEMI, Miss. Lovato brings sure to be chart toppers along with ballads and great melodies.  From this record you can really tell some of the hardships and turmoil she has been through.  Demi certainly is growing up and I think it’s the perfect step for her career.

Heart Attack was Demi’s single which everyone fell in love with and it quickly became a dance track and remixed to the point where there’s twenty pages of remixes on Youtube.  The second track Made In The USA shows Demi’s unique tone of her voice and is a song I can easily see becoming a fan favorite.  I myself already started singing it with my windows down.  Without Love showcases Demi’s falsetto.  If you take a minute and just close your eyes and listen to her I swear you’ll be astonished.  I personally love the DiMaggio reference in the song.

I haven’t heard Demi’s lower vocal range and it was very refreshing to hear in Neon Lights.  It’s weird to hear Demi in a techno/club track from her early Camp Rock days.  Demi will sure gain a broader fan base with this track.  Two Pieces is one of my favorite songs on this album, lyrically and vocally it’s a masterpiece. Nightingale is a unique lullaby meets ballad which tells a beautiful story of wanting someone.  Really Don’t Care was collaboration with Cher Lloyd and such a pure pop song.  The ever anticipated Warrior everyone has seemed to be a buzz about was in fact incredible.  I was really moved by the story she told in the song.

I’m really happy with this record and it’s truly inspiring to watch Demi grow as an artist and watch her grow as a person.  I myself am a twenty year old young adult and these songs I feel are the perfect tracks for the perfect age.   Growing up like Demi it’s great to see her music evolve when we ourselves are still growing up.  Her fans growing with her makes it all the more sweeter.  She will be around for a long time and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her.  This was just the step she needed to take to establish herself even further in the industry.

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