Craving new music? Check out The Reasn!

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Finding an artist who is completely different than everyone else can be difficult these days. Someone who not only breaks the mold for music as a whole, but also combines different kinds of genre’s to create a sound that is memorable enough to be considered “different”. Luckily, we’ve found someone who does all of those, and more!

LA based artist, The Reasn uses influences ranging from The Beatles and Marvin Gaye to Prince and 2Pac to produce a sound that is definitely unlike anything you’ve heard in the past few years. After graduating high school as the star basketball player, The Reasn moved to LA from Missouri in 2012 to pursue his dream of making it in the music industry.

His EP ’25 Till Empty’ will be released early this year, but for now the music video for his single “Better” just debuted on Buzznet. The songs on the EP will feature not only insane falsetto’s and run’s, but it will also highlight another passion of his – songwriting.

His songwriting style, which is based off of his own personal experiences, may sound quite common now-a-days. But, the way he styles his lyrics to match the cool style of his music makes him undeniable.

After you watch the video for “Better”, make sure you peep a listen at his EP teaser!



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