Courtney Dickinson Releases Heartfelt Video for “See You Here” (Premiere)

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Singer-songwriter Courtney Dickinson releases official music video for her latest single release, See You Here.

“See You Here is a song that holds a lot of meaning to me. I had an extremely close relationship with all three of my grandparents. This video honors each relationship in a very special way. It was filmed in Alabama at my grandparent’s house and their surrounding farmland,” explains Courtney. “I have such fond memories growing up there and seeing my Pop work on that old farmhouse trying to fix it up. I love being able to go back there and be able to see them there, even though they aren’t here anymore. If people who have lost someone don’t necessarily connect with the lyrics of the song, I feel that the video will definitely pull on their heart strings.
As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, the emotional and mid-temp ballad that any age can easily relate too.
Exclusively via Stage Right Secrets, we’re proud to premiere the video below.
The video was filmed at Dickinson’s grandparents farmhouse in Roanoke, Alabama. Additionally, Dickinson always has a piece of them with her at all times as her diamond necklace is the one her grandmothers gave her and the smaller diamonds on her engagement ring/wedding band are her grandmothers.
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