Country Up-and-Comer Tyler Chambers Signs with Play It Again Entertainment, Releases New Summer-Ready Track

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Tyler Chambers, a rising talent in the country music scene, is making waves with his latest release, “Loves Me Like a Small Town,” which coincides with the exciting announcement of his signing with Play It Again Entertainment for exclusive label representation. The new track, co-written by Chambers with Logan Wall and Daymon Osborn and produced by Zach Abend, exudes a breezy, mid-tempo vibe that perfectly captures the essence of summer.

Loves Me Like a Small Town” takes listeners on a nostalgic journey, painting a heartwarming picture of small-town love and all the unique elements that make a rural upbringing so special. The song skillfully compares a blossoming romance to the simplicity and charm of life in a close-knit community, weaving in elements of Chambers’ own upbringing and experiences.

Chambers, who hails from the serene town of Douglas, Georgia, grew up surrounded by the tranquility of country living, and his connection to music, particularly the country genre, has been an intrinsic part of his life from an early age.

“Picking up the guitar for the first time was a lifestyle thing for me,” Chambers reminisces. “I grew up in the country, and I was on a tractor every day. At every turn, country music was tugging at me, and I really valued the way of life in a small town – the values, the morals… I loved music in general, and I feel like I was intentionally submerging myself in it, too. I knew if there was something I wanted to be good at, it was country music.”

After dedicating years to honing his craft and building connections in Nashville, Chambers’ exceptional songwriting caught the attention of fellow artist and former Mercury Nashville signee Randy Montana. Impressed with Chambers’ passion, work ethic, and musical talent, Montana facilitated a JV publishing deal with Warner Chappell.

In 2022, Chambers gained further recognition through his regular opening performances for rising star and Play It Again Music Group signee Dylan Marlowe. During this time, his talent did not escape the notice of hit writer and Play It Again Entertainment’s CEO, Dallas Davidson. Deeply impressed by Chambers’ artistic identity and his ability to convey meaningful stories through his music, Davidson extended an offer for a label deal with Play It Again Entertainment.

I’m more than happy to have Play It Again on my side for this journey and I can’t wait to see where it goes,” Chambers expressed his enthusiasm for the new collaboration. “I have a very loyal team here and I wouldn’t want to be sharing experience with anyone other than them.”

Davidson, equally excited about having Chambers on board, remarked, “The PIA team couldn’t be happier to have Tyler Chambers as a part of our roster and family. From day one, he impressed us with his passionate songwriting, work ethic, and drive to perform. He has all of the tools that he needs to be successful. He knows who he is and what he wants to say. I truly love that about an artist.”

As “Loves Me Like a Small Town” hits the airwaves, Chambers is poised to make a lasting impression on the country music scene, with the support and guidance of Play It Again Entertainment behind him. Fans can’t wait to see what this talented artist has in store for his new chapter, and Tyler Chambers’ journey is undoubtedly one worth keeping an eye on as he continues to carve his path to success in the music industry.