‘Boy Meets World’ Fans: FINALLY Find Out What Happened To Mr. Turner

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If you ask any 90’s television lover what their top 3 favorite sitcoms are, most likely they’ll rank ‘Boy Meets World’ pretty high. For those of you who just agreed with that last statement, who was the one character that you always wondered “what happened to him?”. If you answered Mr. Turner, then you’re about to get the surprise of your life.

The shows spin-off, Girl Meets World, reintroduces Mr. Turner as one of it’s characters as the now superintendent of the school Cory teaches at, and his daughter, Riley, attends.

Not only do we get to see what turner looks like now, (yes, he’s still VERY good looking), but we FINALLY learn what happened to him after the dreaded motorcycle accident!

Yes, we also felt like the heart-eye emoji after we saw him swoop in to save the day, again.