Bleeker Talks Musical Influences, Song Writing, & Touring

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We recently had the opportunity of chatting with lead singer of Bleeker, Taylor Perkins and getting the inside scoop on the band!

First formed back in 2003, the guys had met at soccer practice during their public school days. Back then they’d play a lot of Hendricks, Joe Walsh, and bluesy tunes.

When asked about how they’d describe their sound Taylor stated that a lot of their music has a bluesy rock undertone. He explained how they’ll just write songs without having a specific sound in mind, and if they’re good, they’re good…”We don’t try to pigeon hole our sound”he said.

Taylor also mentioned that some of their biggest musical influences includes Soundgarden, the Beatles, U2, and the Allman Brothers. He also feels that traveling to different cities and getting to learn about the culture helps with song writing,  “A lot of our songs is about going out and doing things that we normally wouldn’t do”.

Bleeker has been known for writing all their songs, but most recently they collaborated with song writer Matt Dwyer to write their single “Highway”. When they were younger they would stray away from writing with others, but as they got older they just started going with the flow and just having fun working with others, along with learning from them.

All the songs in their current record is absolutely amazing, but which one has the most sentimental value? Taylor let us know that “I’m not laughing now” is his favorite song off the record, he says it’s a simple ballad, nursery rhyme with a simplistic melody.

For those who didn’t know, this is Bleeker’s second time touring the US. Prior to that, they had never been here except for a few showcases they played in NY. They believe every city is so different from the rest, almost like it’s own little world. Along with that he’s stated that they’ve received very positive vibes from people everywhere they’ve visited, “Everyone in the states is SO nice, everyone is always so willing to tell us where to visit, what to eat, etc.” Taylor said.

What’s next for Bleeker? More touring, releasing a full length album in the fall, and shooting a bunch of more videos with their newly purchased GoPros.

Make sure to head over to BleekerOfficial for news and tour updates!

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