Ben Gallaher Delivers Dance Floor-Fuled Anthem “Stomp”

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Ben Gallaher, the emerging sensation from Stone Country Records, is igniting his fans’ passion with his latest release, “Stomp.” This foot-stomping, dance-inducing anthem refuses to let anyone remain seated.

The genesis of “Stomp” can be traced back to a guitar riff shared by Gallaher in his Boot Stomp series on Instagram. This riff went viral, amassing over 13 million views on Instagram and TikTok combined, and inspired more than 10,000 fan-created videos.

As a result, Gallaher gained over 175K new followers across various platforms, and his fans eagerly clamored for the full song. The only hurdle was that the song didn’t exist yet. Gallaher enlisted the talents of chart-topping songwriters Neil Thrasher, Patrick Thrasher, and Wendell Mobley to collaborate on the track, leading to the creation of “Stomp.”

Listen to “Stomp” below.