LA-based Artist and Film Composer Geller releases EP Lead Single “Boring Life”

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Artist, composer for film, and producer Austin Geller returns with a dreamy and cathartic new single “Boring Life,” the lead single from his forthcoming EP Going Nowhere Fast—set to release July 2022. 

Evaluating an earlier self, Geller’s “Boring Life” reflects on life playing out in unexpected ways. It explores the questioning and acceptance of shifting goals, interests, and phases in our lives as we progress and grow individually. 

“I’m 22, finishing up an undergraduate degree in film scoring, and can’t function without drinking a Celius or Diet Coke. Are these things that I imagined for myself at this stage in my life, when I was 10? Probably not, but I’m cool with that,” he says. “A lot of times I fight with myself regarding if I have failed by deviating into new territories and whatnot. But this song is about reminding myself that I am happy with where my life has guided me thus far and that I am excited for what is next.”

An official music video for the song will premiere on Tue. May 10th, directed by Chadrick Jared and Austin Geller together. His most recent releases have received critical acclaim from outlets such as Fashionably Early, Indie Nation, A1234, Illroots, and landed in Spotify’s Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds: Indie, and Brain Food.