Apple’s New Gizmos

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So I’m about to lay it down real thick here. Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock for the past 6 or so hours you know Apple just released the details on their new phones the iPhone6 & iPhone6 Plus. So here are the quick and dirty details on the phone -The screens are WAY bigger. iPhone 6 4.7in iPhone 6 Plus 5.5in -The come 16GB, 64GB & 132GB -Prices range from $199 – $499 -No worries we still have our 3 amazeballs colors Space Grey, Gold & Silver – The phones are essentially faster in all ways, more intelligent and the graphics will blow your mind -The camera has been upgraded to 8Mp (This means crisper and clearer pictures #betterselfies) -Battery life is said to have gone up. So no more carrying your phone charger with you when you go out at night! – Both phones will run iOS8, Apple’s newest operating system. Offering a lot of fun new looks, tricks and designs to make your iPhone YOURS But that’s not all! We are also not only getting a new iPhone but the iWatch as well. Now this thing looks amazing. Think of it like having a cellphone but on your wrist. (Very James Bond of course) You’ll be able to make calls, text and mail straight from your wrist. Not to mention that the future of this product could do an amazing array of things. The watch is going to come in a slew of options to fit every lifestyle from sporty to the big name business man, this watch has it all. While the product doesn’t come out till 2015, we can probably expect to see samples in stores before the year is over. For a more in-depth llok at Apple’s new products head on over to