Andy Biersack Divorces Black Veil Brides

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Frontman of the popular alternative band “Black Veil Brides” recently announced that he will be divorcing his brides for a SOLO PROJECT! They should have, to be read in the voice of Drake, “hit him with that prenup”. But don’t fret BVB fans, Andy made it very clear that this is just a side project and the Black Veil Brides are still his main focus. So rather than divorce, let’s just say they are (to be read in the voice of Ross Geller) ON A BREAK!!! Biersack will be going by a stage name of “Andy Black” for this project as it’s theme will be dark wave. He plans to release a music video soon as announced on his Instagram page. So get excited Black Veil Bride fans, this is like two birds with one stone!


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