An Inside Look Of The American Music Awards

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The American Music Awards were this past weekend, and I’m still trying to recover! I was fortunate enough to attend the awards and see everything that went down, right from the front row! It was amazing! The stars walked by us to get to their seats. They were so gorgeous and friendly! I cheered them on as they walked by and some even interacted! I got a laugh from Nicki Minaj, a wave from Joe Jonas, I was even able to sit down beside Kelsea Ballerini and chat for a bit!

Seeing the performances up close was surreal. I could actually feel the heat from the flames during The Weeknd‘s performance! It was just a giant party! A really amazing concert, where I could dance and groove to all kinds of genres of music!

JLo was the amazing host!

The presenters were spectacular and best of all, I could see how everyone interacted with each other during commercial breaks!


Even Ballerini let out her inner fangirl, as she approached Carrie Underwood to chat and take a photo!

Take a look at some of the photos and videos I was able to capture from the evening!
How about Jennifer Lopez absolutely shaking it and killing it with the opening number?!

Jennifer Lopez opening American Music Awards like a boss! #TheAMAs #JLoAMAs

Posted by Stage Right Secrets on Sunday, November 22, 2015

When she included “Bad Blood” in her mashup number!

Ariana Grande was both amazing and adorable at the same time!!

That Ariana Grande performance though! #AriAMAs #TheAMAs

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Meghan Trainor before she got her smooch on!

Demi Lovato showing us all how to be confident!

 Selena Gomez descending a stair case and telling the world she’s sick of the same old love! #Preach

Gwen Stefani gave an emotional performance.

Of course we were beyond moved with Jared Leto‘s speech about Paris

Jared Leto’s touching speech about Paris.

Posted by Jencita Vargas on Sunday, November 22, 2015

And Celine Dion‘s amazing tribute had everyone crying

How amazing was Pentatonix and the tribute to Star Wars?!

How great was that Pentatonix Star Wars tribute though?! American Music Awards #StarWarsAMAs #TheAMAs

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