Alec Joseph Talks New Single “Where Did Summer Go?”

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Alec Joseph has a brand new single out and is on tour with Jacob Whitesides, not too bad considering he just finished taking finals like the rest of us.

SRS: “Love your vocals on your latest “Where Did Summer Go?”. Tell us about the song.”

AJ: “Thank you! “Where Did Summer Go?” is about when I was dating someone in the summertime, and everything seemed to be going so great and we were having so much fun, and then it just ended out of no where. Her name is Summer.”

SRS: “We’re picturing a super cute music video featuring you, a pretty girl and a beautiful beach. Is one in the works?”

AJ: “I have a really cool lyric video coming out that we shot at a theme park with roller coasters that I think people are going to love! We will see about a full music video :)”

SRS: “The 360 video you did for your song “Tongue” was truly one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen. Are you up for doing more?”

AJ: “Doing a 360 VR video was such an amazing experience. The technology is getting so crazy, and the things that you are going to be able to do with it are growing by the second, so I am definitely interested in doing more, and being a part of it!”

SRS: “You’re on tour with Jacob Whitesides! How did that come about?”

AJ: “Jacob is awesome. I am so thankful he’s having me on the road with him. I met him a few years ago when we were both on the Digitour. He’s really talented and I am so excited.”

SRS: “Did balancing tour prep and finals prove to be a challenge since you’re a full-time USC student?”

AJ: “Ah it’s summer, I totally forgot about school hahaha just kidding, being in school full-time has really instilled in me the necessity for planning and time management, so making sure I dedicated enough time for everything was very helpful.”  

SRS: “What’s your setlist looking like? “Where Did Summer Go?” has to be on there!”

AJ: ““Where Did Summer Go?” is at a really fun part of the show, and we are going to be doing a mashup of lots of songs that range all the way from Ed Sheeran to DJ Khaled to Hailee Steinfeld. We’re also going to be playing my song “Tongue” as well as a few other songs of mine that have not been released yet!”

SRS: “What are your tour essentials?”

AJ: “I love having a good pillow to sleep on. It doesn’t matter where I lay down, as long as I have a good pillow. I also love lots of water and fruit snacks.”

The earth without art is just eh

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SRS: “It seems you’re always writing! If you could write with anyone dead or alive who would it be?”

AJ: “I would love to write with Stevie Wonder. I can’t even imagine how great that experience would be. I’ve looked up to him and his music my whole life, so that opportunity would be the best thing I could ever dream of.”

SRS: “Tell us why DoSomething.org, The Ryan Seacrest Foundation and Big Brothers, Big Sisters program are so important to you.”

AJ: “Being able to work with organizations that are willing to do everything they can to make children’s lives better means everything to me. Each of these foundations care so much about the kids they work with, and they make sure each kid gets taken care of and is happy.”