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Album Review: David Bowie’s Blackstar

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I think we can all agree that some of the best people are those who give gifts to others on THEIR birthday. David Bowie is, apparently, one of those people. Today, he graced the world with a new album, Blackstar. Today also happens to be Bowie’s 69th birthday. Thank you, David Bowie, for keeping it real and happy birthday!

You know you’re in for a wild ride when the title track, which is also the first song on the album, is just two seconds shy of 10 minutes. “Blackstar” also changes genres every few minutes, so it is definitely a fun track to jam to! I kept finding myself thinking, “Ooooo I like!” at the beginning of every song. If you appreciate music in any way, there is something for you on Blackstar. The biggest standout for me on this album is “Girl Loves Me.” Although the music has a similar sound to the rest of the album, it has an infectious, catchy vibe. “I Can’t Give Everything Away” is the perfect closing track, pairing a refreshing, jazzy sound with Bowie’s smooth, relaxing vocals.

Check out Blackstar below and let us know what your favorite song is!

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