5 reasons you need to watch ‘The Ranch’ on Netflix

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The Ranch part three is now streaming on Netflix! If you haven’t already watched parts one and two, here are some reasons you should binge watch all three.

1 – The Ranch’s soundtrack. If you’re a country music fan than you most likely have heard a ton of the songs playing throughout the episodes. If you haven’t heard a certain song before then you probably leave the episode with it stuck in your head.

2. All the That 70’s Show reunions! The two brothers, Colt and Rooster, are played by Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson. They’ve changed a lot since you last saw them as Kelso and Hyde. Wilmer Valderrama also shows up. And a spoiler for part three: Eric Forman’s mom shows up as someone else’s mom! So many reunions!

3. The characters. This one seems obvious but there is something special and relatable in each character. I’ve had conversations about the show where people specifically say that Beau Bennett, the father, reminds them of their own father or grandfather. There is guaranteed to be a moment where you relate to one of these characters.

4. The jokes. It’s funny, okay? It’s really funny. I find myself laughing at every single episode. But don’t let that fool you either. The storylines still have ways to tug at your heartstrings, too. But the comedy is there to keep you laughing.

5. The stories. This one also seems obvious, but as I started part three today I kept finding myself saying ‘just one more!’ as I pressed next episode. The show has a way of carrying the stories into the episodes so when you finish one you’ll find a reason to press the next episode button. It’s just one of those shows that it’s hard to stop watching.

So go ahead, grab your popcorn and your snuggie. The Ranch part one, two, and three are now available for you to binge the heck out of! I promise you won’t regret it.