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Marianas Trench Astoria Review!

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Marianas Trench album Astoria starts out like a concert before the performers hit the stage. The excitement builds. Josh’s voice rings out singing Astoria with his signature scream.  With this album I expected a lot out of them and at the same time wondered how they could top their previous albums. The first track is almost unheard 7 minutes long with Josh’s falsetto “you can lay with me while you think of him, I touch your face when I think of her”.

Burning Up takes us to the disco error with a raw edge in Josh’s voice. His falsetto hits a new high and my ears are actually burning up. Definitely favorite off the album. TAKE US TO CHURCH JOSH.  Yesterday takes you back in time to an almost TV perfect teenage romance. One Love is a version of a Boys To Men meets boy band meets rock jam.

This Means War is an upbeat feel good track about relationships compared to war. In this album there are interlude tracks which I really wish other bands would consider doing.

Dearly Departed is a song that tells a story in almost movie fashion.  It focuses on the ukulele and Josh’s voice. It actually goes into a relationship saying let’s just hold each other even though we know this chapter is ending. It’s actually an upbeat version of a breakup.  Shut Up N Kiss Me reminded me of the Jackson 5 at first. This song would be for fans of Stutter.

Who Do You Love the band shared prior to the album release and the fans’ response has been positive so far. I can see this song being a story in it of itself or in a movie.  It has such passion and energy. Wildfire features a symphony that blends the classical and pop/rock genres together beautifully.

While We’re Young is one of those songs that if you close your eyes while listening you can picture a story right in front of your eyes. Forget Me Not focuses on the piano, a ballad with emotion that almost bleeds through each lyric Josh sings.

End of An Era uses instruments not widely seen in pop or rock music.  It honestly feels like the final chapter of a book where you can’t wait to see what happens to the characters. What happens to this band is that they created a great record with retro influence and stellar production and songwriting.

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