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WJM are William, Jeremy and Max. These best friends and rockers have a brand new EP out and hearts of gold! They shared exclusively with us their lyric video for “Empire” and chatted with us all about their career.

SRS: When can we expect new music?  (if so) Tell us a bit about it?

WILLIAM:  “We are excited to announce that a new EP will be released in the end of the summer. We are very excited for this EP because we have put a lot of work into it and we had a lot of fun doing it. In EP one and two we experimented with a lot of sounds and EP three is the product of what we liked best of the two. We can’t wait.”

SRS: You guys have traveled as far as Germany to perform! Is there any place you are dying to visit?

MAX:  “Australia would be super cool. Several of my favorite bands are from there, including Hiatus Kaiyote, Tame Impala, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. I know it would probably never happen in a million years, but some kind of collaboration with any of them would be pretty sweet.”

SRS: Frank Zappa (ICONIC!!) was the last artist to play a concert at Maples Pavilion and that was in the 80s. What was that like for you guys to play at Maples during halftime of a Stanford basketball game?

WILLIAM:  “The maples pavilion gig was amazing, and to know that Frank Zappa had played there before us was so cool. I actually listened a lot to Frank Zappa growing up and have been to many of the Zappa plays Zappa concerts. I’m a huge fan.”


SRS: Who would be your dream collaborators?  Why?

JEREMY:  “Green Day and Foo Fighters. They are incredible musicians. Also, their music opens hearts. Green Day is from our area and they are very loyal to local fans here. They are also big supporters of UCSF Oakland Children’s Hospital, where Max’s brother was treated for his leukemia.”


SRS: Please give us an update: Max, how is your brother’s battle with leukemia?

MAX: “I am happy to report that he is in remission and off therapy. No more cancer! He is feeling good! Luckily, the type of leukemia my brother had (ALL), is a very well researched type of childhood cancer, and that research helped him win his battle.”


SRS: What advice would you give to kids who want to volunteer and help out their community?

JEREMY:   “Be a part of something bigger than you, and act on what you believe in.”

SRS: Tell us about being honored at the United Nations headquarters. Congratulations!

WILLIAM:  “It was a huge honor to be invited to the UN and play, and a big surprise to receive the award for social cause. We met so many amazing people that use their skills and talent to make the world a better place.”

JEREMY: “To be a part of the 2016 Novus Summit held at the United Nations headquarters in NYC was a huge honor. The Summit inspires all generations to unite in action for positive humanitarian impact.  We debuted a couple of original songs “We Are One” and “Revolution in My Heart” at the Summit. We recorded these songs in collaboration with the highly respected Espionage music production team.”

MAX:  “Just to be in the General Assembly room at the UN kind of blew us away. We try really hard to work on spreading a message of love and unity, so to perform at the Novus Summit at the UN was very meaningful.”


Now onto some fun. Let’s play a game of this or that, every band member for themselves!


Ice Cream or Cake?

WILLIAM: Ice cream

JEREMY: Ice cream

MAX : Ice cream


Salsa or Guacamole?


JEREMY:  Guacamole

MAX: Salsa


Pancakes or Waffles?

WILLIAM: Pancakes

JEREMY: Pancakes, with butter and hot maple syrup.

MAX: Waffles


Burgers or Tacos?


JEREMY: Burgers

MAX: Burgers


YouTube or Netflix?

WILLIAM: Netflix

JEREMY: Youtube

MAX: Youtube


#tbt to an amazing day performing at @youtube Friday Social. Stay tuned for an awesome video! Thanks for all the support!

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Comedy or Horror?


JEREMY: Comedy

MAX: Comedy


Ocean or Pool?


JEREMY: Can’t surf in the pool.

MAX: Ocean


Summer or Winter?


JEREMY: Winter

MAX: Summer


Theme park or Water park?

WILLIAM: Theme park

JEREMY: Theme park

MAX: Theme park


Football or Basketball?

WILLIAM: Basketball

JEREMY: Football

MAX: Basketball