Why You Need to Stop Asking Riot Fest About Their Lineup

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If you visit Riot Fest’s Twitter on any given day, the chances of someone asking for the lineup and receiving a sassy reply instead is about as likely as Riot Fest releasing their lineup the exact same time every year (good things come to those who wait!). So, this year, in all of their beautiful, sarcastic glory, Riot Fest created the perfect way to make fans happy and satisfy our need for a lineup earlier than usual! One receives an email with the subject line: “This Is Not An Email About the Riot Fest Lineup” and sees the below:



And one immediately begins to freak out because… RIOT FEST ACTUALLY RELEASED THEIR SETLIST EARLY!!!!

Upon ferociously clinking the link to bask in the wonder of this great gift to the world, one comes to see that Riot Fest has bested them once again:



Stay sassy, Riot Fest (we’ll be waiting…)!!!

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