Update From The Road: Erinn Knight

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I can’t believe we’ve already hit the halfway point. It’s all downhill they say? Yea right the next 4 venues have giant hills we have to push all of our gear up. I’m finally getting into the groove of things, hopefully it’s not too late. I’ve streamlined all of the unpacking/setting up so now I’m ready to get out quickly every morning.

We have droves of kids waiting in the mornings for the Feed Our Children NOW tent to pop up. It’s a good problem but it makes my life chaotic and makes me feel perpetually rushed. The charity has already out raised last years food donations.  We’re on track to triple what was raised in 2012. I’m stoked to see the real change we’re making in local communities. It’s honestly heart warming.

As things here on the road smooth out I’m hard pressed to keep everything in line for the band at home. I booked a lot of stuff for them before I hit the road, it’s just making sure that all goes as planned and additional bookings happen. Not to mention having to work with/on budgets, lawyer, publicist, year end plans…. The list is endless and I’ve got to be right on top of it. What can I say? In improving my time management and multitasking skills.

All and all life is good on the road. We’re a family out here and we look out for each other. Each day is a new day to push yourself to work a little harder, be a little kinder, make new friends and get a gnarly tan. Who knows what the rest of tour holds for me? All I know is I’m excited and I’m fully ready to embrace it.

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