Top 5’s With Our 2013 Artist To Watch Tess Dunn!

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 Photo by Anastasiya Sanchez

Artists: Paramore; Marianas Trench; New Years Day; Taylor Swift; Jimmy Eat World

Food: Ice cream/frozen yogurt; sushi; hamburgers; pizza; mozzarella sticks

Books: Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher; Olive’s Ocean by Kevin Henkes; The Stranger by Albert Camus; Postsecret Books by Frank Warren; Bloom by Elizabeth Scott

Movies: Get Smart; Passengers; An Education; Coraline; Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

TV Shows: Veronica Mars; Lie to Me; Cold Case; Elementary; Southland/Hawaii Five-0 (they’re tied)

Websites: Aside from the stereotypical sites (like YouTube/Twitter/Facebook/etc.) Not Always Right; It Was Over When; One Sentence; PostSecret; Buzznet!

Stores: Forever 21; Hot Topic; H&M; Ross; random thrift stores (I enjoy popping tags with only $20 in my pocket)

Music Videos: Excluding music videos from favorite bands (because I love all of them): Hey Baby, Here’s That Song You Wanted by blessthefall; Walk Away by Kelly Clarkson; So What by P!nk; Here’s to the Times by ByStarlight; and Backseat by Carina Round (can you find me in my awkward phase?)

Guilty Pleasures: Skyping with my publicist on a regular basis; tumblr; tetris; eating my own food plus my band members’ leftovers; dancing around and singing by myself

Jacklyn is the Editor In Chief of Stage Right Secrets. Jacklyn's photography and articles can also be found on The Recording Academy's GRAMMYPro, GRAMMYU, PopCrush, Taste of Country, among other outlets. Besides press Jacklyn is a "Jack of All Trades" working various jobs at local concerts and touring.