Top 4 twenty one pilots Live Performances + Emotional Roadshow Tour Leg 2!

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Yesterday twenty one pilots announced a second leg of the Emotional Roadshow World Tour! To celebrate, we compiled our top 4 live performances of this insane duo!

4. 2015 MTV VMA’s Performance with A$AP Rocky

They performed on the VMAs… need I say more?


3. “Tear in My Heart” at the MTV EMAs 2015

They performed on the European Music Awards… but honestly how beautiful is the area they performed in?! And the crowd LOVED them (no surprise there)!


2. “Guns for Hands” at the 2014 APMAs

Tyler Joseph is probably the most active person I’ve ever seen grace a stage. I’ve seen him, with my own eyes, walk on the crowd and climb things. During this particular performance, Tyler climbed the scaffolding, as he’s done before. However, this was a VERY high scaffolding, and being broadcast for many, many people to see. I think everyone saw their lives flash before their eyes while he was up there!

1. “Trees” at The 86, June 2011

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