This interview does exist, hanging out with DREAMERS

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The ridiculously slick and charmingly real trio has been non-stop touring basically since they formed. We caught up with the gents at their Lincoln Hall show in Chicago while touring with stunning headliner Zella Day. Known for their self-made and curated sound , style and art that are all originals from the minds of Nick Wold, Marc Nelson and Jacob Wick themselves, it’s easy to be pulled into their one of a kind world.

Fresh off the debut of the first single from their upcoming album, This Album Does Not Exist, the crowd was more than pumped to hear the trending, new music playlists dominating, Hype Machine favorite, “Sweet Disaster”. While the track is a straightforward winner to fans, it wasn’t as easy of a decision for the band when choosing what their first single from the album would be.

“It’s been really awesome though, because we just put out the song and we’ve gotten so much love. We were in the van driving to Chicago and we got more things than we could even respond to. People saying they liked it, which was great because we really like the song, we’ve been waiting to put it out,” said Nick Wold.

“We argued for a month about it. We had a few ideas. We have a bunch of songs now that we really like and we thought it was time for this one in the summer,” said Wold.

“When the final decision was made, we went to like a Sonic somewhere and pulled up into the drive-thru and there were some girls on their break and we played it and were like, “should this be our next single?” and they were like totally it should be, that’s dope. We’re a people’s band,” said Marc Nelson.

“If you’re ever indecision, go to Sonic,” added Wold.

Sonic, Apple Music, Spotify and wildly listener approved, the guys are more than ready to celebrate the release of their debut album, dropping August 26th. Besides being available online in all the regular places, fans can grab a copy of the real thing at some big retailers, Best Buy and Urban Outfitters as well as staking out local record stores.

“We’ve been lovin’ on these songs for a while and we recorded them about one year ago and it’s exciting that other people get to hear it. We’re playing almost all the new songs on tour, there’s only a couple that we’re saving,” said Wold

“We’re excited about sharing it with people. There’s like four songs we’re playing on this tour that are out already and then the rest are new,” added Jacob Wick.

With new music and a new album comes amazing opportunities to catch the band in a variety of different ways. From acoustic sessions, to record store sightings, we can’t wait to see where This Album Does Not Exist takes the group in the fall, and we can’t help but hope they find themselves back on their never-ending tour.

Chicago is one of lucky cities that get the band back before August, as it will be their first time playing or even attending Lollapalooza.

“We’re super excited about it. We’ve never played this one, never even been to it. We’re going to get a chance to see Die Antwoord, which we’re really excited about. We realized recently that Chicago is our most played city on Spotify, so that was kind of amazing. New York was second and London was third,” said Wold.

“We’re going to miss seeing Radiohead, we all love Radiohead, but we’re going to play with Third Eye Blind at an after show. Third Eye Blind was one of the first things I remember learning on guitar,” said Nelson.

“I love Chicago’s vibe, I think there are great people here, the way the city is set up is amazing,” said Wick.

Festivals, summer vibes and an equally imaginative future ahead of them, there is so much that DREAMERS and their listeners have to look forward to in the upcoming months and beyond. It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than van breakdowns and stolen gear to get in the way of their progression and success.

“Looking forward to putting out the album, which does not exist,” said Wold.

“I’m looking forward to giving one of the copies of the vinyl to my mom. She always told me as a kid that one day I was going to have a vinyl record and now it’s happening,” said Nelson

“There’s so many things, I love summer, I love being busy and traveling,” said Wick.

Catch DREAMERS at Lollapalooza, their after show with Third Eye Blind and pre-order This Album Does Not Exist here.