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The Used Imaginary Enemy Review!

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Words by Gina Catalano

The punk-rock scene has been known for its creation of political-themed albums for decades. Does that mean that political records are old news or are they the constant reminder this generation needs to help change the world?

The Used 6th studio album, “Imaginary Enemy”, takes on the political theme that so many bands before them have tackled. In a recent interview with Alternative Press, lead vocalist Bert McCracken spoke about his recent revelations from becoming a father and recognizing the impact one person can make on the world.

In the official press release from the Used, it states:

“We the people, in order to form a more perfect planet, must question the way the world works and where the world is heading. Some view art as a way of escaping reality; others view art as a mirror reflecting our sometimes sad society; we believe art can be a weapon, used to shape the very world we live in. The Used is proud to present to you, ‘Imaginary Enemy’.”

This album tackles both political and personal issues, asking its audience to take part in standing up for themselves and calling for change.  You can hear the frustration not only in McCracken’s voice, but in the lyrics and the very soul of each instrument. “A Song To Stifle Imperial Progression (A work in progress)” is perhaps the most political on the record while “Generation Throwaway” is the most inspirational, complete with gang vocals and a catchy beat.

You’ll either love or hate this album, depending on your stance with the band and their take on worldly issues. Regardless, this is a band that has been in the business far too long to have to worry about album reviews and the opinions of those writing them.

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