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The Queen Has Done It Again! Beyonce Album Review

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Unexpectedly “Queen” Beyonce released a visual album.  What’s so mind boggling is the fact that there was no buzz, publicity, or leaks prior to the unveiling tonight (December 13th). I’m not sure how people could have kept this project so quiet for so long.  People around the internet claim “anything Beyonce sings or touches turns into gold”.  I’m starting to believe this notion myself.

When I read “visual album” I thought okay some music videos, but in all actuality it’s a story being portrayed for every single song on the album.  I haven’t seen an album done this way before.  The other point that was made is you can only buy the full album, unlike most albums you can buy singles off of.

I was enthralled by the thought of buying an entire album, the idea that we can actually listen and enjoy an entire album is almost flabbergasting to most of the population.  Most people today buy singles off of a certain artist or band, in fact I couldn’t name any other song besides the single I know of quite a few bands.  Is it the fact we don’t have patience to listen to the entire album? Or are we just satisfied with the one single and want more “popular radio hits”?  Whatever the reason Beyonce clearly wants her entire story told.

The videos in and of themselves are works of art, some for more mature audiences than children. In her duet with husband Jay Z, his wife in my opinion raps better than the rap master himself!  Superpower featuring Frank Ocean showed a great side of Beyonce capturing a powerful message of being powerful, strong, and brave.

Rocket gets up close and personal with Beyonce.  This slow jam shows Beyonce’s softer side with vocals, sounding so pure and raw. Pretty is a song I want every person to watch and listen to the words she sings. The video is so powerful, showing that perfection, isn’t real.  It shows what society thinks, and how we would do anything to meet those standards of absolute perfection.  I am so proud of Beyonce for making this video that so many women desperately need to see. Partition is a video that is really stimulating and visually enhancing than any other video Beyonce has done.

Mine combined with Drake and Beyonce’s vocals is music to the ears, the video features Beyonce up close and incredible dancers and scenery.  Every track/story could be a smash hit, each with a powerful message and story to tell. Beyonce hit this right out of the park and did a fantastic job with this giant undertaking of creating a visual album.  I hope to see more like them in the future.

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