Taylor Swift On Tumblr!

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If you’re a Taylor fan and have a Tumblr, chances are you’ve noticed the turmoil going on in the fandom since Saturday. Just like she used to be active on MySpace, and more recently liking and commenting on fans Instagram photos, Taylor has now delved into the world of Tumblr.

Lately Swift gained some positive news coverage, not pertaining to men or music but to her interactions with fans online, specifically a message to a young girl via Instagram. The 14-year-old, being bullied at her school, received a comment from Swift that was genuine and heartfelt – that Swift knows how it feels to be bullied in school, and that while it may be hard, to not let the behavior change her and make her into hard and bitter person, a person she isn’t. Swift’s comment is just one of many of this nature, reaching out to fans in need and helping them to hold their heads a little higher.

While not having reached that level of sincerity on Tumblr quite yet, Swift has been liking and reblogging many posts from fans, things such as Tumblr tutorials, fan art, and recipes – she’s even going so far as using hashtags. Some of the best of these hashtags at this point include #heavy breathing, #all flowers all the time, and #yeahisaidbae. Her Tumblr interactions so far are as perfectly “Taylor” as one could imagine: fall, flowers, her cats, and self-depreciating humor included. She’s even brought to light the fandom joke about “Becky” proving that she knows more about what goes behind the scenes than many expect. In response to Taylor’s interactions, the fandom has exploded with new artwork, edits and memes, as well as many heartfelt words to try to gain a bit of that attention. Swifties, have you been trying to get the superstar’s attention? How? Let us know!