INTERVIEW: Ship Wrek on ‘Mirror, Mirror,’ Genres, and What’s Next

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Stage Right Secrets sat down with up and coming DJ/production duo, Ship Wrek. Comprised of Tripp Churchill and Collin Maguire, they’re ready to take 2020 and the house scene by storm. See our exclusive Q&A, below.

Congrats on “Mirror, Mirror”! Walk us through the creation behind it.
This record came together pretty quickly! We were hanging out with our friend Pauline one night trying out some ideas and once we nailed the hook, the song finished itself. We wanted the song to have a fun/not so serious vibe and we love how it turned out.

Can we expect a music video or any visual component?
Thinking about doing a music video for the song. We have a bunch of ideas… we’ll have to see 😉

You also revealed that you’re working on an album, how far into the process are you?
We’ve definitely been talking about doing an album for a long time. It’s a dream of ours to check off. We’re always making new demos so we feel like the album could come late 2020.

What goes into choosing the order of the tracks and creating the tracklist?
We usually put ourselves in the shoes of the listener and decide how we can take the audience on a journey, instead of just throwing together a playlist and calling it a day.

Working on the album, what are your studio essentials? 
Tripp loves these organic energy drinks from Wholefoods and Collin loves green tea

Listening to some of your previous work I can hear different influences, do genres matter to you or should they in general?
We don’t think genres matter. These days, all music is turning into a blend of everything, so it’s hard to put some records into a category. We just make music on how we feel and try not to follow any rules.

Since 2019 is coming to a close do either of you have personal or professional goals for the new year?
We’re starting off the year with a bus tour with Jauz. A bus tour was definitely a goal of ours for 2020. We have this joke with our team that we’ve only made it when we have a lazy river in our house so maybe 2020 will bring us the success to do it! lol

What can fans expect in 2020?
LOTS of new music, shows, and some huge collaborations

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