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Set It Off Cinematics Album Review!

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It’s been a nonstop last few years for the guys in Set it Off since the release of their debut full length, Cinematics, it almost seemed like these guys never got any time off. Two years later, the guys have released their sophomore album, Duality, and they’re making sure that you know they’re not the same kids they were two years ago.

With this record, it seems like the guys have really found their niche and grown into their own skin, which you definitely hear through Carson’s vocals and lyrics. Through each song, you almost feel like you’re listening to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fight with each other, creating the feel and direction that the record progresses in. With the different variations and dynamics created through Carson’s vocals and the rest of the band’s instrumentals throughout the record, you can see the growth that the band has done in the last two years.  

The record starts off with, “The Haunting,” which feels like Mr. Hyde telling a story, which smoothly transitions into, “N.M.E.” creating the Dr. Jeckyll and aggressive feeling. The rest of the record pretty much follows this pattern, with Carson’s “two personalities” bantering back and forth. The record progresses into tracks such as, “Forever Stuck in Our Youth,” “Why Worry,” and, “Ancient History,” which all have a hint of a poppy feeling in them (think N’Sync meets Fall Out Boy). All in all, Set it Off have proved that they can pretty much master anything that they put their hands on, whether that be writing pop ballads or killer rock songs. Later in the record, Set it Off bring in some guest vocals from William Beckett on “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing,” which definitely will make those of us From Under the Cork Tree fans cry tears of joy, and “Tomorrow,” which features Jason Lancaster.

All in all, Duality is a record that definitely will make you listen to it a few times over before being able to turn it off and has a bunch of catchy songs that you’ll find yourself singing along to with or without the music playing in the background. Set it Off have definitely found their niche and they’re attacking the mainstream music’s territory and going straight for the jugular. Definitely don’t sleep on this record if you’re a fan of bands that like to cross genres and push boundaries.

Duality is out now via  Equal Vision Records.