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Rizha Tells Fans They’ll Be “VERY WELL FED” Until Album Release

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Well, it looks like Rizha‘s fans are in for more than just a treat for the next couple of months! 

Shortly after the 20-year-old announced the Spotify release date for her new album OUTSIDE yesterday, she teased in a tweet that her followers would be “VERY WELL FED until AND AFTER that.”

It didn’t take long for her to own up to her promise, for she surprised her fans by releasing a brand new music video today!

Directed and edited by her father, Fernando Ronchese, the 7-minute-long video is a presentation of the singer’s new era. The music video itself, the first of the 8 videos she filmed this summer, is for ‘Around,’ the first track of her latest EP Dysnomia. The second part of the video, however, features a speech written by Rizha which serves as an introduction to her new album OUTSIDE, along with a snippet of the first track of the album. Ever so creative, the speech hints at all of the artist’s previous EPs and album, before launching fans into the new era.

“And then it finally happened… (Finally) The chaos consumed it all. (Dysnomia) Silence took over and only inside the tireless heads of a few dreamers (Hipnos) could one find crumbles of hope. Their world was fucked up (fuckit) and it was their own species’ fault. But a new world was promised, a fresh start, blue skies full of life at night. They weren’t like other humans, they were lifted. (Lifted) Earthborn aliens. It was their faith. They were born to die here. OUTSIDE.”

OUTSIDE will be available in stores in Limited Edition Box Set Format on September 20th, and on Spotify on October 11th. Whether her recent collaboration with English singer GIRLI will appear on the album or be released as an independent single has yet to be announced.

However, in addition to all the new album madness, Rizha finally revealed why she had asked fans to send her their Dysnomia art. In a tweet, the singer shared she was editing them into videos that’d play when people stream the EP on Spotify.

While fans await for those videos and for the album, they can pre-save the Argentinian singer’s new single “Money,” which comes out next week, on September 6th.

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