Rizha Kicks Off Outside Tour On Area 51 Day

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It’s alien in hand, on her shirt, and on her socks that Tamara Luz Ronchese, better known as Rizha, kicked off her Outside World Tour yesterday.

Knowing her new era is all about space and extraterrestrial existence, something the 20-year-old has been fascinated by for a while, her followers have taken the habit of sending the artist gifts related to the universe she’s created for herself. Thus, it’s wearing a space suit, and sporting all the alien-related gifts she’s gotten lately, that she got on stage at the Peter Rock Club in Valencia, Spain yesterday (September 20) to kick off her tour. Coincidence or not, the first date of the tour, which also was the release date of her sophomore album Outside, was the exact day of the Area 51 Raid.

The tour comes after weeks of teasing, throughout which Rizha released three new music videos. Her latest one, Game, gathered over 70,000 views in less than a week and features her and her friends screaming for their lives as the plane they’re on is about to crash. With about 15 dates scheduled so far in Spain and in London (and many more to come), it’s not too late to catch Rizha on tour! Tickets are available at!


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