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Maddie and Tae EP Review

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After making a mark in the country music world with their debut single ‘Girl In a Country Song’, Maddie and Tae released their self-titled EP on November 4. By the sound of this EP the duo made up of Maddie Marlow and Taylor Dye, plan on taking country radio by storm with their powerhouse voices mixed with their reality of life.


The first track, their single ‘Girl In a Country Song’, is climbing the charts. If you haven’t heard it yet, the track is not only catchy with its fun guitar riffs and pop-country vocals, but the satirical lyrics will be the one thing that will resonate with the listener. By incorporating song lyrics by male country stars Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean, this song is about girls not wanting to be the stereotypical “girl in a country song” that these guys, and many others describe.


Next up, ‘Sierra’ keeps the upbeat vibes going with fast drumming and a bit of violin introducing the song. With being young, we all experience that one boy who falls for the beautiful girl with no personality that only wants one thing… his money. Maddie and Tae use this song to call those particular girls out, and tell them they can’t win everything and karma will come around to bite them in the butt!


‘Fly’, the EP’s slower ballad, not only shows off the girl’s melodies and falsettos beautifully, but the message behind the song is something all young people should pay attention to. The lyrics: “So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake/Just keep on reaching though the lid might break/We’ve come this far, don’t you be scared now/Cause you can learn to fly on the way down” remind fans to never give up on their dreams, no matter how hard life gets.


The final track on the EP, ‘Your Side of Town’, picks the pace back up opening to track with a really cool guitar riff. This is the ‘we broke up and you’re a jerk, so stay away from me’, track, that makes you bob your head and give a little smile during the entire song because it’s totally relatable. It sounds like a younger version of Miranda Lambert break up song, which is something we HIGHLY support.


There is ALWAYS room for more country singing, fun loving, powerful woman who will stop at nothing to make their voices heard, and we cannot WAIT to hear more. ‘Maddie and Tae’ is available for streaming on Spotify and for purchase on iTunes and Amazon