Liv Keegan on her Emmy nomination and debut single

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You may recognize Liv Keegan as Claire from Days of Our Lives.  Liv’s portrayal is nominated for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for the 2018 Emmy’s! And that’s not enough, Live just released her female empowering debut single “Queen Is A King”.

Congratulations on your Emmy nomination!! Where were you when you found out and how did you react?

Thank you so much! It still feels like it’s all just a really great dream! When I found out, I was sitting in my living room hanging out with my cat when I got a tweet from “The Talk” saying that I was nominated. I didn’t quite believe it and I wanted to make sure it was real before I said anything to my family. A couple more congratulatory tweets came in and I figured that it wasn’t a mistake, so I screamed to my family and many happy tears were shed. It totally took me by surprise. It feels surreal and very humbling.

Are you preparing a speech? If so, could you give us a sample?

I haven’t thought much about that, but I probably should! I’ll be sure to thank my cast-mates…if you don’t have amazing cast-mates who inspire you to push yourself and rise to new occasions nothing really works.

Do you have a dream gown in mind to wear?

Oops, I haven’t thought much about that one either. I don’t have a clue, but I’ll know when I find it… I plan on going all-out and very fancy this year!

What do you think audiences love most about your character Claire?

She’s selfish and crazy but extremely self-aware of it. She knows that she’s a work in progress and constantly moves in and out of trying to fix it and succumbing to it. I think everyone can relate to that, and it’s always fun to watch a good soapy downfall!


Acting aside, your debut single “Queen is a King” is out now. Talk about ambitious! What’s the story behind the song?

Thanks!! The message behind the song is pretty simple. I was in a session with my co-writer, Dylan Kelly, and we were just catching up with each other on life, current events, etc., and eventually the topic of misogyny came up.  We realized that it still made its way into both of our day-to-day lives and couldn’t believe that all of this was still happening.  So, naturally, we wrote a song about it. We wanted to write something that cut right to the chase and got the message across clear and simple. If this song can help women feel strong and empowered, then I’ve done my job!

Will there be a music video?

Yes! The lyric video is out right now, but I am excited to start working on a full-fledged video soon.

Mixing mixing mixing forever

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How would you describe your musical style?

It falls into the pop category, but I really like adding elements of R&B and some old classic feels. I grew up listening to (and falling in love with) so many different styles of music, from The Beatles to Kanye West, and many artists in between. I soaked up all of those different musical elements like a sponge, and now I’m always consciously or subconsciously putting them in my music.


You’re hoping to release more music this year, do you know if it will be in the form of an EP, LP, more singles or all of the above?

I have an EP that is ready to go, so I’m hoping I can put that out into the world soon.

Is there any chance to tour to promote your music?

I’d love to! More frequent live performing is something that I’m really looking forward to.

How do you balance acting and music?

Most days that I’m not on set, I go to the studio to write and record, but I’ve never felt too overwhelmed. I think it’s because I never feel like I’m working. I’m very lucky in that I get to do the two things that I love most for a profession. I’m a bit of a workaholic but I know my limits, so if I ever need to take some time off from the music studio to prep for filming, it’s not a problem.