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Jonas Brothers V Album Review

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Like most Jonas Brothers fans I was so saddened by the news of the brothers breaking up.  Tonight they released almost all of V, their fifth studio album that will not be released entirely.  The brothers released the tracks via their fan club; Team Jonas.  The album starts off with their second single this year “First Time” live from Los Angeles.  I was able to shoot and review the tour, and listening to the track felt like I was there once again with all of their older screaming fans.

One of the things I pride the Jonas’ on is their ability to sound better than the CD.  Listening to their live band and voices you can truly capture their love for the music and their high energy.  I can still even picture Joe taking off his glasses and the girls going wild.  Even though the boys did lose some of the fans that just went along with the mania during their “Burning Up” era, the three still have a legion of diehard fans, mostly college age now to most people’s surprise.  The second track off the album is a live version of their old hit Paranoid.  You can hear the crowd in the background singing along with them, which is a rarity at concerts. The live version of Pom Poms (which is actually spelled Pon Poms) the harmonies and horns together made me dance sitting in my chair writing this review.

Nick’s vocals go noticed in World War III which originally was on their Lines, Vines, and Trying Times album.  His raw vocals make the song even better than the original.  The fifth track is a cover of Frank Ocean’s Thinking Bout You that the trio performed on Ryan Seacrest right after their comeback announcement.  They made the song their own and created a different version and vibe rather than just covering it.  One of my all time favorite songs was included on this album A Little Bit Longer.  If you haven’t heard it, this is the one song of theirs that you have to listen to and will make you think of them as not just another pop band.  Other songs included on the album include: When You Look Me In The Eyes, Burnin’ Up, Lovebug, and S.O.S.

The last five songs were apart of V, and played during their last tour.  Found doesn’t sound anything like the Jonas Brothers’ original material.  I can’t even categorize or pick a genre that accurately describes what kind of song this is.  The World is a song you can’t help but sway along with.  Wedding Bells was famously debuted at their NYC show to a slew of media attention.  Nick apparently wrote the song about Miley Cyrus, which during the concert he makes clear he doesn’t feel that way about this person now.  The studio version sounds different with the extra instruments especially the string section.  What Do I Mean is the song that almost everyone in the audience head banged to, electronic meets rock.  Neon Lights has an infectious beat with a catchy tempo.

All and all I do wish the three released V, but giving this gift to fans was a move that most rockstars wouldn’t dream of doing. I admire them for being great musicians, writers, producers, and most of all great people.  I give my best to Kevin, Joe, and Nick and hope they make a return to music when they’re ready.

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