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Jesse McCartney In Technicolor Album Review

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Four years without new music from Jesse McCartney is way too long, in my opinion. Not that I didn’t mind hearing his voice in the Tinker Bell and Alvin and the Chipmunk films, but it wasn’t the powerhouse vocals that I was constantly listening to via Departure. It was in May of 2013 that I was scrolling through Twitter and saw McCartney tweeting at the Backstreet Boys – my first taste of pop music, my first concert, my first loves. I couldn’t believe it; they were embarking on a tour together! It was every 90s girl’s dream.

Since then, McCartney released the In Technicolor, Pt. I EP, comprised of four songs. The full LP, In Technicolor, was released July 22 and includes the four tracks from the EP as well as new single “Superbad” and 6 others. Each song represents McCartney’s pop beginnings infused with his urban fascination that was first introduced on his Departure LP. In Technicolor goes from ballad to dance track in a matter of moments yet flows perfectly from one into the next. Highlights of the album include “Checkmate”, the mid-album ballad that will make all the girls swoon, and “Punch Drunk Recreation”, the summer party anthem that should make Robin Thicke and Bruno Mars jealous.

The looks, the raw vocals, the modesty after all these years; it’s the perfect combination for a musician, and this album proves that McCartney still has it all. In Technicolor is out now via Eight0Eight Records and will be out on tour starting July 25.

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