INTERVIEW: Get To Know Trevis Brendmoe

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Congrats on the new single, what went into creating it?

Thank you!! I’ve been waiting patiently on releasing Pretty Girls. It´s my favorite record I’ve done so far, and the whole flow of it is something that I´ve been wanting to create for a long time. I came up with the idea for the record together with my manager, Ola Sanusi. We hit up Varren Wade and JV the producer, whom I´ve done a bunch of records with over the years since I moved to LA, and linked up in the studio later that night. They brought some friends too and it was a great session! We left the studio early the next morning with my next single on our hands.

How did choosing the single art come about?

We teamed up with The Young Astronauts, which is a dope creative content team from Canada. We had a meeting and quickly decided to let them do their thing on the cover for Pretty Girls. I loved how it turned out and feel it captures the vibe of the record.

You’re working with some incredible producers, how did you go about selecting your creative team?

I got to link up with Harmony Samuels in 2015. He’s been a lifelong friend of my manager and once I moved to LA, he made the connection and brought me into the studio. We´ve worked on a double album worth of material in the BOE building with both H-Money, JV the producer and the rest of his camp. We brought in songwriter Varren Wade (Ella Mai, Fifth Harmony) who´s also been a huge part of the creative team.

We just saw the lyric video, is there a music video in the works? What would you like to see in the video?

Yes 🙂 My team and I have been working on several video options for the single. We decided to release a Lyric Visual on the day of the release, and are in the works of putting together an official music video. My initial concept for the music video was to have models at a fashion show walk the runway around me while performing Pretty Girls. I think that’s a fun idea and I think the rest of the team are pretty hyped about it too.

You’re from Norway, what is the music scene like for you compared to LA?

Same same, but different lol. Hollywood is the capital of entertainment so everything is huge and there’s definitely mad competition out there. But Norway has a lot of talented artists too. I’m a huge fan of the more urban sounding artists here. People are definitely into the urban sound that’s been dominating the music scene for years. I love it!

Do you have any favorite eats or things to do in LA?

Italian food is always a winner. I also love ice-cream and found a new spot down the street from where I live which is dangerous, lol. Whenever I´m not in the studio, which I am all the time, I´m either hanging out with girls or kicking it with my boys or going on spontaneous trips somewhere. There’s so much to see in LA, which is partly why I love living there.

What can we expect in 2019?

You´ll be hearing a lot of new music throughout 2019. We´re working on releasing music every 6-8 weeks. I’m working on doing a lot of club performances these next weeks, especially as Pretty Girls sounds very much like a club record. I´ve been working closely with several DJs and we´re setting up performances both in Europe and the U.S. We’re also working on securing festivals at the moment hopefully making it a very busy summer. I can’t wait to get back on stage and start performing songs from my new project! Other than that you should follow me on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and all social media @trevisbrendmoe to stay updated!!

What are you currently listening to on your playlist right now?


Lol, I also just created two playlists on my Spotify page, where you can find what I listen to 24/7. So go follow them!

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