Haven’t Heard of Haley Georgia? Well, Listen Up!

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If you haven’t heard of Haley Georgia, we suggest you look her up now, before she takes over the country music industry. Some new listeners might be skeptical when they first hear her style of country, but we know she will win you over with her sassy and true-to-self attitude!

 Georgia’s video for her single ‘Ridiculous’, which released on June 12th, shows that just because someone isn’t being faithful to you, doesn’t mean your whole world has to come crashing down.

‘Ridiculous’ smashes two worlds together by adding a pop flair to her country music sound. With the upbeat strings playing in the background, and Haley’s “I am woman, hear me roar” attitude, you can’t deny the lovability and how relatable this song is

Bringing this style of music to the country world is risky, but we believe 100% that Haley pulls it off!