Fans React to Zac Efron’s Absence from HSM Reunion

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Our favorite group of athletes, actors, and math geniuses are coming together again. Its true, the cast of High School musical is back at East High to celebrate the ten year anniversary of High School Musical.  Although Zac Efron will not be with the cast, he is to join via video.



All we want is Zanessa together again, but no. Zac’s head isn’t in the game. We are feeling #BETROYED! Fans are not happy about this. They’re taking it out on his Instagram.

Emotions are running heavy. 





T isn’t as in Troy anymore



What Team Troy, really what team.




They’re even going after his shoe game.



Needless to say, we miss you Troy. Hopefully you’re coming to your senses and back to East High. We will only accept an apology in Wildcats uniform, and a Bet On It dance. Maybe cake, too. Shirtless.



All I care about is Taylor Swift and dog instagrams.