EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Alex Sparrow’s “Little Bunny” Music Video and Interview

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Alex Sparrow brings a new song and music video just in time for music festival season and Easter! “Little Bunny” features a catchy tune and stunning visuals you’re sure to have stuck in your head from days to come. Sparrow himself wrote and produced the song along with producing and directing the music video.

“I want to dedicate this song to the most beautiful feeling we can experience as humans: the feeling of tenderness being with someone you love. Everyone knows that feeling, when you want to just be with someone, hold their hand, look into their eyes, listen to how your beloved one talks or laughs. The little moments you cherish. These are the most beautiful memories one can share with another person.”

Congrats on your new music video! How did the concept come about?

I wanted to show something that I could call happiness. Absolute and pure emptiness; me doing what I love the most, and this crazy, only girl in the world who is in love with the sound of my soul.


What was your songwriting session for the song like?

I was alone in the middle of the night in my home studio, thinking how cool would it be to have someone next to me right now, to share my ideas and inspiration with…to have a soulmate in this small room which sometimes is my whole universe. And I thought, If I were to text any girl right now “Would you like to come over, have a tea, listen to music, and enjoy the beauty of the night sky?”, most girls would think that it’s just a lie and I was trying to hook up. And this is why I wrote that line, “I don’t need sex / I need your love.” Because for all of us, very often, it’s not about sex, it is about love.

I wanna dedicate this song to the most beautiful feeling: that feeling of tenderness you get when you’re next to someone you love. When you want just to hold her hand, look in her eyes, listen to how your beloved one talks or laughs…these are the most beautiful memories one can cherish and share in music.


You also wrote and produced the song and video, what made you decide to learn the production and songwriting crafts?

Five years ago, I got into a car accident and woke up with a massive stroke and half of my body paralyzed. That was the start of a new page in my life; I couldn’t speak, sing, or dance anymore. Doctors told me I would never return to normal life or perform onstage. So instead, I started to write scripts and direct, training to find a new place for myself, this time behind the camera. I won quite a few festivals with my first short.

But even then, I did not believe the doctors. I was sure I could decide who I am and how I would go on living my life. It took me more than a year to learn everything back. I trained myself to walk, to talk, and to sing again. I not only proved them wrong, I became something much more than I was before. It took me a long time and a lot of effort, but now I know for sure that there are no limits for the human body, all the limits are in our minds.


What role do visuals play in your music?

Usually when I’m writing music and lyrics, I see pictures in my mind. In my imagination, I see and feel everything I’m writing and singing about, every touch, every kiss, whatever it is. And of course, I’m using a lot of my own experiences and personal memories.


You have your own app! What can fans do on it?

This is a great app for fans to build a very personal communication with an artist. They can chat with me, I can see where they are, and if they happen to be close by, I can invite them to grab a coffee together and take pictures. It’s actually breaking a wall between me and them.


What are your must-have apps?

  1. iMovie.
  2. A whole bunch of social media apps.
  3. Insta-Size, and
  4. Plenty of apps with photo and video filters


You just attended Coachella, who had the best performances?

I was truly impressed by Ariana Grande because it was perfect, every note, every dance move, the whole show. It’s true that in order to fully understand an artist, you have to see him/her perform live, so I think I officially became Ariana Grande’s biggest fan. 🙂

And I loved Billie Eilish’s performance because at one point, she stopped the music and started to talk to the audience. It’s very important, because she wanted to not only share her music, but also part of her soul.


What else can we expect from you in the future?

I’m going to release a lot of music this year, and of course I’m going to write and direct all of my music videos as usual. But whatever I do, you can be sure that I’m going to try my best to be nominated for a Grammy in 2020!

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