4Knots Coverage By Ally!

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Last weekend was a great one for New York City. The weather was beautiful, making for the perfect Saturday to spend by the river, which is exactly what many New Yorkers did. The festival showcased many up-and-coming acts as well as some veterans. Along with great music, the festival was filled with an array of food trucks and other vendors, making for a really fun atmosphere.

I started my day off with Crazy Pills, a garage-rock outfit out of Brooklyn.
Although they were on the smaller of the two stages, they were definitely able to garner lots of attention with their powerful rock vibes and lead singer Amanda’s quirky appearance and Joan Jett-like flair. Also on the Front/Row stage was Nude Beach, who were honestly one of the best new bands I’ve seen in a while. They nailed a very bare rock n’ roll vibe while using elements of power pop to keep their sound fresh and new which gave them a uniqueness that allowed them the biggest draw out of the four artists who played the Front/Row stage. Clearly a band
comprised of masterful musicians with a clear destination in mind, this is a band to look out for on the alternative rock scene in the years to come.

I got to the main stage in time for their second artist of the day, Speedy Ortiz. Already, there was a huge crowd waiting for them, and they did not disappoint. Their performance was filled with a ton of energy as Sadie Dupuis crooned over wailing guitars and what was probably a bit too much screeching feedback for it to add to the image without detracting from the performance. However, the audience couldn’t get enough and the dock was thriving.

However, for me, the best part of the day came a bit later when Mac DeMarco took the stage. I’ve been loving on his new record Salad Days ever since it came out in April and he really was a pleasure to see live. I clearly wasn’t the only one who thought so either because the venue was brimming with people, many of whom were happily singing along, even squished together in the summer heat.

It was a great day for music, food, and fun at 4 Knots. It was a place to
discover new music, enjoy music you already knew and loved, and possibly the best part about it was that admittance was free!