Single Review: Capital Kings ‘In The Wild’

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Have you ever heard of Capital Kings?

Made up of Jonathan White and Cole Walowac, the electronic and christian duo were recently signed to Gotee Records.


With over 92,000 likes on Facebook and 31,000 followers on twitter, Capital Kings just released their new single ‘In The Wild’ today.

The first eight seconds of the track start out with a very simple beat that makes you think of pressing buttons or creating polka dots with your fingers in the air. As the beat and tempo pick up, you won’t be able to deny nodding your head to the beat, and possibly even adding a fist pump as if you were in the hottest dance party with all of your friends just living life to the fullest.

Along with the undeniable fast tempo and beat changes, halfway through the song, we get bombarded by amazing vocals singing about stars that ignite ‘the wild’ in all of us.

You can purchase the single on iTunes and Amazon Music!