#WhoISFBH – Your New Obsession

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Who is FHB?

FHBCalling all Fifth Harmony and Little Mix fans, time to get on board of this bop nation girl group. Meet FHB – they just released their debut single “Regular”, and we are loving it. Don’t pick your fav just yet. We don’t know the member’s names, or faces, or Instagram’s.

Now, who exactly are they? Yeah, we just don’t know. No one does. Much like Sia does, they are keeping their identify private, at least for now. A mystery case of the rising R&B queens. Even the video for the single Regular is shot completely in silhouette .

What We Know

Researching everything I can to share my new found favorite artist, I got some dirt for you.

  • They are working with Timbaland
  • There is a remix of their jam Regular with BankRoll Fresh
  • They’re about to take over the world

Be There for the BIG Reveal

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All I care about is Taylor Swift and dog instagrams.