The Summer Set B Side Tracks!

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It’s been a crazy year for The Summer Set. Starting with the drop of their latest album Legendary in April 2013, they’ve since been on multiple world tours, had a hit radio single, and now they are currently on their second Vans Warped Tour in a row playing on the main stage. Lucky for fans, there are many chances to interact with the band on Warped this summer. Drummer Jess Bowen and guitarist John Gomez are both doing Bandhappy sessions doing lessons on drumming and songwriting respectively. The band is doing signings all summer and they have launched a time-capsule initiative where fans can go to the TSS tent and write their future self a note and the band will send it to them at the end of summer. The most exciting thing, however, may be the three previously unreleased B-sides and demos off of Legendary the band has now made available to the public.

When I first heard Legendary, one of my first thoughts was that it was a matured version of the best pieces of their previous two albums. It had the energy and spunk of Love Like This without losing the meaningfulness garnered from lead singer Brian Dales’ introspective journey on Everything’s Fine. These three new tracks were clearly written for Legendary because they distinctly display all these qualities. “Welcome to the World” has a very similar message to “Lightning in a Bottle” in that it is about letting go and being young with a little bit of “Maybe Tonight” thrown in there in that empowering “you can be whoever you want to be” way. It also has a very anthem like feel. It is a great song but I understand why it was cut considering all the similarities.

“Slip Away” is a endearing love song very much in the style of The Summer Set. “Accidental Billionaires” is definitely my favorite of the three. It’s a great pop-rock tune with cute lyrics and an awesome beat that makes you want to get up and jump. The song is about living in the moment, which I think speaks to the band’s character quite a bit. They have been really big on encouraging fans to live out their biggest dreams, going as far as setting up a website where fans can interact with each other and the band to share their art and going around helping fans live out their biggest dreams and conquering their greatest fears (Legendary Moments videos). They did an amazing job with Legendary, both musically and lyrically, and these B-sides just reinforce that. I know that I, for one, cannot wait to see what they come up with next.

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